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Letter from the Chairman
by C. Jason Reinier

As I begin my second year as Chairman of the Nature Sounds Society, I feel the need to reflect on our last year's accomplishments. We had many successful events last spring including a sellout concert in April in conjunction with SoundCulture 96, a sellout West Coast premiere of Paul Feyling's brilliant film, "A Naturalist in the Rainforest," and a flawless Annual Field Recording Workshop exploring nature sounds in film sound design in the beautiful Sierra Nevada of California. In winter last year we had our first NSS Recording Club event recording the sounds of wintering birds in the Sacramento Valley of California. In the Fall, our annual Potluck at the Oakland Zoo brought together our local members for a feasting good time and a special after-hours tour of the zoo. All of these events helped our local members recognize the value of our shared interests in preserving, appreciating, and creatively exploring natural sounds.

I spent much time last year observing the strengths and weaknesses of our methods of communication, and saw that although we are very good at convening with our local members, we are not as successful at providing services and community to our international members. This has been the case in the past and we have previously sought to fulfill the needs of all members through our publications and other networks of connections. Since the Internet now plays such a large part in the world, we are hoping to take advantage of it to provide services to all members. This year we hope to launch an NSS web site and use it as a primary source of publication for our articles, technical information and announcements. We will keep you posted when we are ready to unveil our site. It takes a lot of work to keep a site going and any one who would like to help is certainly welcome. We will also continue to produce two newsletters a year. In our newsletter we are trying to create a more interactive approach and are soliciting more input from our membership. You will see many new sections which encourage participation. We are also soliciting recordings from our membership to air on the radio. Please read further in this newsletter for details.

One of our keystone issues is preserving quiet places. We need to focus our attention on preserving the most pristine natural sound environments from the sounds of humans and their machines. We are now in a time when many efforts to preserve these environments have been recognized by politicians which creates a unique opportunity to act now to institute laws and other structures that will have a lasting effect on endangered quiet habitats. We need your help. If you are particularly interested in this issue please let us know.

This year promises to be a great one. Thanks for your continued support of the Nature Sounds Society.

C. Jason Reinier
Chairman, NSS

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