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The Nature Sounds Newsletter was published in print twice a year. We are in the process of replacing it with blogs and email newsletters. Articles are drawn from the community of people interested in hearing and recording the sounds of nature.

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Following are the tables of contents from the issues of NSS Newsletter, from Spring 1998 back to Spring 1985. Many of the articles are also available for your reading pleasure.

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Winter 2001

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Spring 1998

Letter From the Chair
Recording Possibilities for the Spring, Summer and Fall
Sound Recording Adventures in Antarctica (3): Recording at the Sea-Ice Edge
The Recording Club at the Sacramento NWR
Winter 1997

Letter From The Chair
Editor's Note: The NSS Website
Sound Recording Adventures in Antarctica (2): Sounds of Antarctic Glaciers & Rock
Earprints on the Air: New Radio Show Gives Air Time to Nature Sounds
Spring Tech Talk & the Sounds Of Antarctica
Lucky 13! - 13th Annual Field Recording Workshop Review
The Niche Hypothesis: Creature Vocalizations and the Relationship Between Natural Sound and Music
Long Live Analog! Great Deals in Used Nagras
  Spring 1997

Bioacoustics: A New Journal
Dawn Songs of the Flycatcher
Poetic Expression
Letter From the Chair 5/97
Editor's Note: The NSS Website
The Gathering Place
Why Do We Sound Record? - A View From Kathy Turco
Fall 1996

Letter From The Chairman
Grand Canyon Air Raid Alert
Etymotic Research ER-4 Earphones
A Naturalist in the Rainforest
Sound Recording Adventures in Antarctica (1): A Morning With the Emperors
Newsletter Changes
NSS Recording Club Firsts
National Watchable Wildlife Conference '96
Winter 1995

The Human Nature Of Birds by Theodore Xenophon Barber, Ph.D., Review
A New Source of Sounds... Sounds of Sumatra
Introduction From The Chair
Recording Club
Soundculture '96
Audio Editing Programs
Watchable Wildlife Conference
In Memorium: Fred Trumbull
Join the Recording Club!
Spare Equipment Collecting Dust?
National Parks As "Bowling Alleys"?
Is the Ocean Getting Noisier?
Spring 1995

Fellowship Grant Awarded to NSS Member
Conservation Notes
Field Workshop
Equipment Review
Ambisonic Sound Technology Pt. 2
Winter 1994

Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary of the NSS
Ambisonics: The Art Of "Being There"
Editor's Note - Conservation
AAAS Concert
Tenth Annual Field Workshop
The Oakland Museum Concert: Music With Birds, Frogs and Other Creatures
The Greening of the Industry
Spring 1994

Memorial Note [Don Linsdale]
AAAS/NSS Symposium
AAAS/NSS Itinerary
Interfusion-An Installation
Fall 1992

Review - Fall '92
Events: A Day Of Nature Sounds
Conservation Issues
Events: A New Sound Lab at California Library Of Natural Sounds
Technical: Choosing A Recorder - Part I: Cassette Machines
Last Stand - Using Rare Spotted Owl Recordings
Recording The Spotted Owl
Spring 1992

Review - Spring '92
Technical: MS Stereo Recording
A Day Of Nature Sounds
Events: A Member of the Chorus
Birding: What is the Avian Dawn Chorus?
Travel: Recording the Total Eclipse
Spring 1991

Spring '91 - Point Reyes National Seashore - Thundering Skies
Birding In Texas
Seventh Annual Field Workshop - June 21-23
Quiet Places: Aircraft Overflight Study
Travel: A Global Dawn Chorus
Winter 1990

Resources: California Library Of Natural Sounds
Technical - Winter '90
To Dolby Or Not To Dolby
Amplified Ears
Summer 1990

Review - Summer '90
Annual Field Workshop Features New Activities & Demonstrations
Recording the San Francisco Wave Organ
Birdsong Course For the Blind
Paul Covel: A Tribute
Quiet Places
Telluride Composer to Composer Festival
Conservation Issues - Summer '90
Why Learn Bird Song?
Organization Educates on Dangers of Hearing Loss
Rainforest Conference
Recording With R-DAT and M-S Stereo Microphones
Winter 1989

Album Releases - Winter '89
Let Nature Sing
New Music With Birds, Frogs & Other Creatures
Recording The Sounds That Remain
St. Louis & The News
Summer 1989

Profile: Gordon Hempton
Birding By Ear
Diet's Relationship To Hearing
The State Of Wilderness Sound
One Square Inch For Peace & Quiet
The Focal Point Parabolic Reflector
Quiet Places Committee
Sounds Of Washington's Natural History
Nature Sound Recording Resources
Summer 1988

Quiet Places - An Endangered Habitat
Chairwoman's Statement
Recording Nature Sounds For Film
A Sound Celebration
Recording Tips For Beginners
Hypothesis: New Perspectives For The Role Of Biological Habitat Ambience
Fourth Annual Spring Recording Workshop
Tuning In to the Sounds of Nature
A Search For Musical Compositions With Nature Sounds
Spring 1988

A Sound Celebration
Chairwoman's Statement
Recording Tips For Beginners
Tuning In to the Sounds of Nature
Fall 1987

New Nature Sounds Cassettes From Eleanor Pugh
Nature/Arts Column
I Have Never Seen A Sound
Notes From Eleanor Pugh
Third Annual Field Workshop
Chairman's Statement
Fourth International Wildlife Film-maker's Symposium
One Hundred Fifth Meeting of the American Ornithologist's Union (AOU)
Techniques Of Nature Sound Recording
Field Recording Trip, December 5th & 6th
Letter From Africa
Spring 1987

New Sounds in the Natural Sciences Gallery (Spring '87)
Paul Matzner Demonstrates How a Gallery Sound Tape is Made
Annual Field Workshop, June 1987
Mid-Winter Recording at the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge
Bird Sounds At The Alviso Refuge
Children's Corner: Sound Activities
Tuning in to Bird Sounds: A Workshop
Berkeley Rep's Next Production & Nature Company's Next Album Use Natural Sound Sampling
Winter 1986

Donation Of Records
NSS Member Activity
Do's & Don'ts Of Field Recording
Red River Hog Study
Whale Exhibit
Second Annual Field Recording Workshop
Fall 1986

Cassettes Of Recorded Songs By Eleanor A. Pugh & Catherine Thexton - Fall '86
Sound Designer James Le Brecht Helps Set the Mood in "The Night Of the Iguana"
International Conference Of Ornithology At Ottawa, June 23-28
An Early Summer Gathering At Yuba Pass
Territorial Flight Of The Common Snipe
Singing Sand
Vocalizations of the Nigerian Red River - Hog
Visit To Cornell Laboratory Of Ornithology
Sounds Enrich San Francisco's Zoo Monkey Environment
Primate Center Nocternal Gallery Sound Track
Equator: A Report Of Wilderness Sounds
Museum Docents Use Sound Tapes
Raptor Sounds Will Fill Oakland Museum Gallery
NSS Newsletter Editorship Changes Hands
Spring 1986

Book: Discovering Sierra Birds - Spring '86
Gallery Sounds
NSS Logo
Second Annual Field Recording Workshop
Recording On International Wildlife Tours
General Meeting
Geographical Song Variation In Birds
Elephants Can Call Long Distance
Earthwatch Galapagos Research Project
Fall 1985

Bird Song Tapes
Nature/Arts Column
Sounds of the Bottlenose Dolphin
Singing Sequences, the "Unknown Avian Language"
Northwest Chapter of NSS
Nature Sounds in the News
Field Recording
Parabolic Reflector: Making An Inexpensive One
Northwest Retreat
Spring 1985

Nature/Arts Column
Chairman's Message
Bird Identification By Sound Workshop
Northwest Chapter of NSS

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