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Image of the Howlin Wolf

The Golden Breasted One
by D. L. Keegan

If I could be other than Human
A she-hawk, he-hawk
Careening off the cliffs of grass
and sound
Dropping to prey.

Drop down on any wind
Any current
Capture my raw meat
Tear between talon
Raptor beak
I would rip its beating heart
Give thanks be to the creator
Screaming of my feast
Thanks in eating
Wasting nothing
but feather
and claw
which the shaman collect.

Mate in the empty sky
Naked of all concern
save plummeting entangled in the excited
waves of air
keening buffeted feathers back hard
Let in the sun
Oiled flesh
back-stroking the sky
Taking and giving

If I could
I'd own the wings I fly upon
Trust nature to provide
Call of survival
given me
drop down
my Golden Breasted one.

  D. L. Keegan --- March 6, 1997
P.O.Box 947,
Port Townsend, WA 98368
(360) 385-6694

by T. A. (Tom) Barron

"The ultimate gift of the wilderness, for me, is not the glowing vistas, the marvellous creatures, nor even the crystalline air. It is that precious quality so often drowned by the cacophony of modern life, that quality called silence.

To sit upon a ledge on a mountain ridge in the silence is to become part of the stone, the water, the wide open sky. To listen to silence, truly listen, is to hear echoes across vast distances both within oneself and without.

Sometimes at such moments, I lose myself completely in the simple miracle of all that surrounds me... Still other times I am moved by the continuous power of creation, whose essence is life, and whose engine is silent."

  from "Rocky Mountain National Park: A 100 Year Perspective"
by John Fielder, T. A. Barron and Enos Mills (published September, 1995)

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