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Editor's Note: The NSS Website
by Mark Goddard

Since the onset of popularity of electronic media, the Nature Sounds Society Board has discussed the possibility of organization-wide electronic communications channels. For many years, Paul Matzner discussed the virtues of e-mail to augment the efforts of the Board and reach out to the community. Today, our communications take much less effort, and we are able to accomplish a great deal more as a Board, despite our busy everyday lives.

When I first started "hermeticsphere.com" on the World Wide Web in September of 1995, I developed a crude, rudimentary website as part of my "homepage." It consisted of a couple of the NSS newsletters, the NSS logo and our Mission Statement. Discussion of a NSS Website continued through this period, and only people who "hit" my homepage ever found this site. It remained there collecting electronic dust for more than a year, never changing.

Then, in November of 1996, Catherine Girardeau (who has worked on the San Jose Mercury News website) and I had several meetings to determine the essence of the new NSS page. We had fun considering all aspects of the organization, and how we might present the NSS on-line. Our creative energies and enthusiasm about the NSS's programs and functions is what you can see on your monitor today.

All of our publications will eventually be online, as well as, announcements of events, conservation concerns, NSS history and background, answers to technical questions, and classifieds containing good deals on recording equipment - just to scrape the surface! Many elements have been recently updated, with more to come. Eventually, we will have a server up containing browsable sound. Please join us at your nearest copper or fiber-optic synapse!

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Editor's Note: The NSS Website

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