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Why Do We Sound Record?: A View From Kathy Turco

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" -Einstein-

My name is Kathy Turco. I am an independent natural sound recordist, and a free lance radio producer. During the spring of 1986, while a graduate student studying walruses off Alaska's west coast, I lived in a small, remote Inuit village called Little Diomede. After completing my research, I returned to the island to produce a short audio-visual work on the island, its people, and its natural history. I wanted to share what I had seen, heard, and learned. My sound recording included the words of the village elder who had taken care of me during my stay, and the calls of millions of the island's resident seabirds. When I completed my project, I was totally hooked on sound!

For me, recording natural sounds, and the words of people who live close to the natural world, has become a passion. I view audio recording as a way of stretching people's imagination, and involving much more of their intellect. Without visuals, people naturally create their own images of what they hear. My favorite and most challenging sound recordings, therefore, are those of "place." I believe that recordings based on this principle can both educate and inspire. They can allow a person to feel that he or she is part of a natural environment, not just a bystander.

Education through stimulating the imagination has a lasting and profound effect. I basically became an independent radio producer to engage a wider audience in this experience. Audio material is ageless; there are moments on tape that are absolutely priceless. Radio offers a creative, challenging, and exciting way to share the experience. I am totally committed to this work ... it is my life's work.

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Why Do We Sound Record? - A View From Kathy Turco

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