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Image of the Howlin Wolf

Editor's Note: The NSS Website
by Mark Goddard

As of this Fall, we officially have our own website at www.naturesounds.com/naturesounds/. The benefits of this are that we will have greater visibility with our own domain name which is easy to remember, and search engines that scan domain names by topic and provide our site to interested viewers. After an extremely busy year, it is my hope to devote more time to our site on the Internet, since it serves as an instant communications asset as well as a data base of articles dealing with aural issues, including our past issues of newsletters. There will soon be a frequently asked questions page online to help provide instant data on NSS and the California Library of Natural Sounds. Eventually, we will also provide sound clips to satisfy interested web visitors. You can expect some significant changes in the upcoming months.

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Editor's Note: The NSS Website

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