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SoundCulture 96

April 3-13, 1996, San Francisco will host SoundCulture 96, the third transpacific festival of contemporary sound practices. It follows two highly successful SoundCulture events presented in Sydney in 1991 and Tokyo in 1993. Participants will include artists, researchers, cultural theorists, presenting organizations, academic institutions, and others working with sound. Events will include performances, exhibitions, symposia, radio transmissions, experimental and indigenous musics, and new media arts. As well, listening rooms will provide an opportunity to hear a wide variety of recorded sound works in an informal setting. One of the principal themes of SoundCulture is that of exposing a variety of experimental sound work well beyond Euro-centric cultural boundaries and to demonstrate links, crosscurrents, and diversity in the sonic arts of the Pacific Region. SoundCulture 96 will bring together local and international sound practitioners of the Pacific to explore the varieties of culture that is perceived through our ears.

Call for Proposals The Nature Sounds Society will host events associated with SoundCulture 96 and is looking for participation from our membership. You may have already received a call for proposals for the Listening Room. The Listening Room will be a designated space (location to be announced) set up for listening to a variety of different sound pieces. We are hoping members of the NSS will send in pieces to include in the line-up of interesting sound work. Please include anything from a pure recording of an environment to combinations of sounds and music. The host committee of SoundCulture will be previewing the tapes and creating a play list of pieces scheduled for a particular day of the week during the event. Other pieces may be chosen for broadcast on KPFA during the event.

Jason Reinier, Chair of the NSS, will also be hosting an event called "A Day of Sound," which will be composed of specific recordings made on the same day by a crew of recordists all over the world. NSS members as well as other sound recordists will be asked to go out and record on a specific day, Saturday, February 3, 1996. Recordings will then be sent to Jason Reinier at 1523 Treat Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110. The recordings will be previewed and mixed into a seamless piece where the individual recordings will be laid out chronologically over the span of the day. Individual recordings should be 1-2 minutes in length and should represent the recordists interpretation of a particular location at a particular time. Entries should be continuous and uninterrupted for at least 1 minute. Although the focus should be on nature sounds, other sounds are also encouraged. The primary goal of the piece is to create a sonic picture of a day from a variety of different viewpoints. The entire piece will be broadcast on KPFA, will be played in the listening room and possibly in a concert setting (TBA).

For further information on SoundCulture 96, The Listening Room, and "A Day of Sound" please contact Jason Reinier at (415) 821-4264. bdm@well.com.

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