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In Memorium: Fred Trumbull
by Paul Matzner

Fred Trumbull, long time member and supporter of the Nature Sounds Society (NSS) and a pioneer in the field of sound recording, died following a long illness on December 2, 1995. In spite of his health struggles, he was always a vital and inspiring member of NSS: always there with microphones and enthusiasm for NSS field workshops and recording trips. Most recently, he was featured in the Smithsonian magazine's 25th Year Anniversary Issue article describing the creative uses of natural sound recording, NSS, its membership and activities. Fred will be sorely missed and we offer our condolences to his wife, Ginny, and his family. In a future article, we hope to describe to you Fred's trailblazing accomplishments and contributions to NSS and to the field of sound recording.

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In Memorium: Fred Trumbull

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