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Memorial Notes: Don Linsdale
by Paul Matzner

Don Linsdale, long time member and supporter of the NSS and Chief Curator of the Natural Sciences Department of the Oakland Museum, passed away on April 19, at his home in Inverness, California after a long illness. Don was chief curator of the Natural Sciences Department in 1981 at the time of the founding of the Society, and was an ardent supporter and creative inspiration for the organization, as well as for the California Library of Natural Sounds over the last ten years. He was treasurer of the Society and member of its Board of Directors from 1989 to 1991. The upcoming summer events - the Annual Field Workshop, the AAAS Symposium and the Oakland Museum Concert will be dedicated in memory of Don Linsdale and his contributions.

A memorial article remembering him and his work with the Society will be published in the next newsletter in late summer. Memories and reminisces of Don are welcome as part of this memorial and should be sent to Paul Matzner at the Nature Sounds Society address at the Oakland Museum.

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