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The Nature Sounds Society Symposium.
Wednesday June 22, 1994
9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Nature Sounds: Collection and Use in Science and the Creative Arts.

Morning Session: Grappling with the Phenomenon of Nature Sounds.

9:00-9:20 Introduction by Paul Matzner. NSS President.
9:20-9:50 Ronald J. Schusterman: Pinniped Sounds: Signals for Survival in the Atmosphere and the Hydrosphere.
9:50-10:20 Michael Johnson: Nature/Natural Sound and Story.
10:20-10:40 BREAK: 20 minutes.
10:40-11:10 Michael McMillen: Peeling the Onion: Nature Sounds as a Layer in the Multisensory Experience of Art.
11:10-12:00 Panel discussion with questions from the audience.
12:00-1:30 LUNCH and a chance to visit the Installation.
Also - - Technical Session on recording with Dan Dugan.

Afternoon Session: Commencing the Study: Uses and Integration of Natural Sounds.

1:30-1:45 Recorded music incorporating nature sounds.
1:45-1:50 Introduction: Paul Matzner
1:50-2:20 Raymond Pestrong: Listening to the Earth.
2:20-2:50 Douglas Quin: Digital Sampling: Landscape into Soundscape.
2:50-3:20 BREAK: 20 minutes.
3:20-3:50 Chris Tromborg: The Sound and the Furry: Behavioral and Perceptual Implications of Naturalistic and Anthropogenic Acoustic Environments.
3:50-4:30 Panel discussion with questions from the audience.

During the day, from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Interfusion, an interactive sound installation using sounds from the Oakland Museum's California Library of Natural Sounds, will be open to all conference participants.

NSS Concert: Landscape into Soundscape: Music from Nature.

Tuesday, June 21, 1994, 8:15 PM to 9:15 PM.
Knuth Hall

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