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Nature Sounds Society Offers Recording Workshop at Yuba Pass

The Nature Sounds Society (NSS), an organization dedicated to the recording and creative use of natural sounds, will hold its Eleventh Annual Field Recording Workshop the weekend of June 16 through 18th 1995, at San Francisco State's Yuba Pass Field Station. The workshop, which includes talks, instruction on making sound recordings and ample time to record singing birds and chirping insects in the wild, is open to both amateurs and professionals, and families are welcome. Accomodations are comfortable tent cabins in a beautiful setting beside the Yuba River. Speakers will include Philip Lobel from the Boston University Marine Program, Flawn Williams from National Public Radio, Dick Hingson, Southern California Chapter Sierra ClubPolitical Observer and inventor and sound designer Dan Dugan. Cost is $l50 for NSS members and $165 for non-members, and includes a one year membership in the NSS.

The workshop is co-sponsored by the NSS and the California Library of Natural Sounds at the Oakland Museum. Founded by Oakland Museum curatorial specialist Paul Matzner and others in 1984, the NSS publishes a quarterly newsletter and hosts a variety of symposia, concerts, and day and weekend outings with naturalists each year. A calendar of events is included in the quarterly publication.

For more information about the Eleventh Annual Field Recording Workshop and the Nature Sounds Society, call Paul Matzner at the Oakland Museum, 238-7482.

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