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Conservation Notes
by Mark Goddard, Editor

The political victory dealing with military overflights I mentioned in the last Nature Sounds was unfortunately not a victory. With little time before the passage of the California Desert Protection Act, Senator Malcolm Wallup of Wyoming introduced an amendment preserving military air rights over the newly designated areas and existing desert park units. The precedent is dangerous for the future of other existing and potential park and wilderness areas as well. The Sierra Club is currently working on the de-authorization of a particular route through Joshua Tree National Park and Anza Borego State Park (VR-1257).

Furthermore, the stage upon which issues of environmental protection have been argued has also changed. Private parties concerned with property use and development regulation issues have favor with newly elected representatives in Washington. Political changes that occurred in the last election have resulted in the reexamination of all environmental regulations through the lenses of opportunistic risk reassessment and cost cutting. The future of the National Park System is even in question to a certain degree. Until other ways can be found to protect our natural resources, such as private acquisition of land, as exemplified by the Nature Conservancy, we must begin to be vocal about what happens in Washington. The Congressional Switchboard is 202-224-3121.

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