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Program Notes for the AAAS Concert
Landscape into Soundscape: Music from Nature
Douglas Quin, Composer
Jason Reinier, Musician
Peter Ware, Musician

The concert will be held in Knuth Hall from 8:15 PM to 9:15 PM on Tuesday, June 21. It will feature the compositions of Doug Quin, which blend nature sounds from all over the world with acoustic and electronic instruments. Quin's work pays special attention to biological and ecological patterns - satellite images of ice flows, electron micrographs of bacterial growths - to determine compositional structure. He uses his own recordings made in Madagascar, Central America, Brazil and other international locations as resources for melody, harmony and rhythm.

The following works will be performed:

Aria Locustae (1989), digitally sampled and processed sounds of the 17-year Periodic Cicada.
Aurora Song (1994), a tribute to the Dawn Chorus.
Yasahii Kaze (Gentle Wind) (1993), a suite of 5 short works based loosely on the structure of Japanese Haiku.
Kingdoms and Phyla, Part 5 (1991), sampled and processed sound of African, Malagasy and Latin American birds, amphibians and mammals.
Nature Jam (1994), an improvised collaboration between performers, processing equipment and nature sounds.

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