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Stereo Zoom Listening Party 

Showcase the sounds you've recorded over the past year and receive feedback from other recordists. Each year we have an amazing selection of recordings and stories, and interesting folks to meet or catch up with. Send us your sounds and we will include them on the program. 

All interested listeners are welcome. It's OK if you don't have any recordings. We look forward to seeing you.

Date and time around the world:

City Day Time Zone
San Francisco Saturday, Dec. 3 1:00 - 3:00 PM PST
New York Saturday, Dec. 3 4:00 - 6:00 PM EST
London Saturday, 3 Dec. 2100 - 2300 UCT
Berlin Saturday, 3 Dec. 2200 - 2400 CET
Tokyo Sunday, 4 Dec. 0600 - 0800 JST
Melbourne Sunday, 4 Dec. 0800 - 1000 AEDT

How to submit recordings:

Submit stereo files in any common format (WAV or 256k MP3 suggested). One-minute clips of soundscapes work well. If you want to play an extended piece, five to seven minutes would be a good maximum. Please prepare your clips in advance. So your files will sort together and in the order you want, name your files with your name first, then a number and a descriptive title. If you can't be present, tell your stories in text files, and the operator will read them. Give the text files the same numbers as the sound clips so the stories will sort with the audio files, like this:

Dugan 01 Notes
Dugan 01 Yosemite Mariposa Grove Dawn Chorus
Dugan 02 Notes
Dugan 02 Yosemite Ackerson Meadow Dawn
and so on...

Go to to upload your files. Alternatively, email them to or use your favorite file transfer service. To be sure your files are played, please send them before, not on, December 3.

How to join the party:

  1. Playback will be stereo, so more bandwidth will be required than a usual Zoom meeting. Connect by network cable rather than WiFi. 

  2. Use headphones or a sound system for monitoring. 

  3. Mute your mic when we're listening.

To join the Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 654 410 7951
Passcode: 1943


-Dan Dugan & Sharon Perry

For more information or tech support, please email or call (415) 821-9776



The Nature Sounds Society is a world-wide organization whose principal purpose is to encourage the preservation, appreciation and creative use of natural sounds. The Society promotes education in the technological, scientific and aesthetic aspects of nature sounds through its programs and a diverse network of contacts.

People concerned with natural sound and natural quiet include biologists, museum professionals, park rangers, birders, conservationists, sound designers, musicians, artists, radio producers and many more.

The Society organizes events throughout the year. In January, a Post Production Workshop where we teach how to edit recorded sound to produce CDs, podcasts, or downloads. In early May, a Tech Talk about recording equipment. In June, our annual Field Recording Workshop at San Francisco State University's field campus at Yuba Pass. In December, a listening party. The Society presents California Soundscapes, a lecture-demonstration with surround sound that is presented at birding fairs and in lecture series throughout the greater Bay Area. See Announcements and Events.